• 25 FEB 13


    The orthodontic trainer is a prefabricated, single size, dental positioner designed to incorporate myofunctional and tooth positioning characteristics.

    It comes ready to use, requires no impressions and no molding. This allows it to be implemented from 6 years of age while the permanent teeth are erupting and the child is still growing (prior to orthodontic treatment).

    The orthodontic trainer improves the face as well as the teeth by correcting the myofunctional habits that cause the malocclusion.

    The orthodontic trainer was designed to provide growing children early treatment for their developing orthodontic problems (from 6 years of age), as soon as the need for treatment is evident.

    Crowding and jaw discrepancies are to a great extent acquired, only a few are inherited. Habits such as mouth breathing, reverse swallowing and thumb sucking are the major causes.

General Services

  • General Dentistry

    A good oral health begins with a good dental hygiene.

  • Orthodontics

    Aligning your teeth and correcting your bite to avoid problems.

  • Prosthodontics

    Nourish yourself by being able to chew and eat properly.